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Shopify Dropshipping Mastery Course 2022

Start Your Dropshipping Business From Pakistan with highest success rate CPB Ads Strategy

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Batch 05-2022

βœ… 34+ Hours Videos Duration

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βœ…Introduction to Shopify Dropshipping

  1. Mindset
  2. Risk Management
  3. Business Costing

βœ…Business Registration

  1. Getting UK Phone Number
  2. Getting UK Registered Address
  3. UK Limited Company Registration
  4. UK Limited Company Documentation
  5. Business Taxation in UK and Pakistan

βœ…Getting Payment Gateways from Pakistan

  1. PayPal Creation
  2. Stripe Creation
  3. Wise Account Creation
  4. Monzo Account Creation
  5. Revolut Account Creation
  6. Tide Account Creation

βœ…Virtual Private Server (VPS) Setup

  1. Getting Best VPS
  2. AWS RDP
  3. Alibaba Cloud
  4. VPS Security Settings

βœ…Product Research and Hunting

  1. Product Research Strategy 1 (You can’t find anywhere on Internet)
  2. Product Research Strategy 2
  3. Product Research Strategy 3
  4. Product Validation Techniques

βœ…Product Sourcing Techniques

  1. Product Sourcing Ninja Technique (You can’t find anywhere on Internet)
  2. Product Sourcing from Aliexpress
  3. Product Sourcing from CJ Dropshipping
  4. Product Sourcing from Alibaba
  5. Product Sourcing from Zendrop, Spocket and Sourceinbox

βœ…Store Creation and Optimization

  1. Store Creation Using Shopify
  2. Theme Optimization
  3. Applications Integration
  4. Setting up Sales Channels
  5. Google Analytics and Meta Pixel Integration

βœ…Store Automation

  1. Automation Through Oberlo
  2. Automation Through CJ Dropshipping
  3. Automation Through Dropified
  4. Automation Through Sourcing Shopify Applications

βœ…Essential Tools and Extensions

  1. Commerce Inspector
  2. Facebook Pixel Helper
  3. Aliexpress Search By Image
  4. Similar Web
  5. AliExpress Dropshipping Center
  6. Thieve.co
  7. Koala Inspector
  8. Alishark
  9. Allbuster
  10. D-Nicheur

βœ…The Profit Machine: CPB Facebook Ads Strategy For ROAS of 20

  1. Working Phenomenon
  2. Live Results from Live Campaign
  3. Phase 0: Warmup and Funnel Design
  4. Phase 1: Primary Creative Testing
  5. Phase 2: Secondary Creative Testing
  6. Phase 3: Intensive Interest Testing
  7. Phase 4: Audience Refining
  8. Phase 5: Results Sustaining and Retargeting
  9. Phase 6: Lookalike Testing and finalization
  10. Phase 7: Scaling Attempt 1
  11. Phase 8: Scaling Attempt 2
  12. Phase 9: Scaling Attempt 3
  13. Instagram Ads
  14. Influencer Marketing

βœ…Cash Flow Management

  1. Practical Framework for Cash flow Management and Reinvestment

βœ…Bonus Sessions

  1. Ultimate Guide to Start Freelancing Career
  2. Ultimate Guide to Store Flipping
  3. 3+ Hours Bonus Session on International Brand Building with Pakistani Products
  4. 4+ Hours Bonus Session on Pakistan Based Local e-commerce Business Building

πŸ”₯Live Results Analysis of CPB Ads Strategy HavingΒ 250 Orders worth of 16 LAC PKRΒ In a Single Day

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