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Advance Facebook Ads 2022 | Batch 05

After watching this step by step course you will become a Professional Facebook Marketer. I will be teaching most advance concepts and strategies of Facebook marketing practically with live examples and case studies from my own 6 figure scaled campaigns. You will be learning "The Profit Machine: CPB Strategy For ROAS of 20" which is being used by the top 0.1% digital marketers in the world working for brands like Nike and Gucci. CPB strategy guarantees you the best possible results with highest return on your ad spend (ROAS)

Target Goal 25

21 Enrolled

PKR 5000 is after 75% Discount and applicable for Batch 05 only

1-1 Mentorship will also be available for those who are willing to start a Digital Marketing Agency with Hand Holding support of Hamza Ali. Registration details for 1-1 Mentorship program will be shared during the first lecture of this course so the interested ones can convert them into 1-1 Student by paying a small Fee

About Expert

Hi, this is Hamza Ali a professional Digital Marketer and eCommerce Strategist